Ursa Minor​/​Coming Home

by Porphyry

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All songs written, arranged and performed by Daryl Coyle
Tracks 1-3 engineered by Niall Doran at Start Together Studios, Belfast
Track 4 engineered by Caolan Austin at Smalltown America Studio

All tracks mixed by Niall Doran
All tracks mastered by Stephen Quinn (Analog Heart)

Photography by Andrew Coyle
Artwork by Daryl Coyle


released June 30, 2017

Special thanks to Niall Doran for his skill, patience and friendship.
Thanks to Start Together Studios for accommodating such an ambitious yet small-budgeted project. This EP would not exist without their kindness.
Thanks to Andrew Coyle and Neil Burns for listening and guiding me throughout the process
Thanks to Thomas Mc Adams, Rachael MacNamee, John Carlin, Brendan Sally and Martin O'Carroll for their support.



all rights reserved


Porphyry Northern Ireland, UK

Porphyry is the moniker of Northern Ireland-based musician Daryl Coyle.

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Track Name: Europa
In denial of failing I am wasting in this city
I need a home but cannot take their pity

(Fearing all that I am and all that I will be
I sought the truth from the shape shifting man of the sea)

I am broken now I am damaged completely
I need peace but I cannot take the simplicity

(Fearing all that I am and all that I will be
I know the truth will always get away from me)

I tried to hide it tried to bide time tried to feel alive inside
I tried to pry the butterflies from their designs what did I find?
Holy nothings tied to proofs
If only I could know the truth

I think I've found you then you turn into another
Why must the truth transform its seekers into sufferers?

I thought I had the power, yes, I thought that I was strong
I cannot face this nothingness
Yes, I'm ashamed
Yes, I was wrong.
Track Name: Rip Current
The moon is full
You see the tide
You wade in

The night is still
Silver distilled
It begins.

You say the pain is just a memory
Then why do you feel ashamed?

These things you can't ignore
They'll take you to the ocean floor
From the wine dark sea
Take the star
It is what it is
And you are what you are

Rip Current ripping you from the shore
Current you current now current then no more
And you knew one day you would have to
Face this tide
Now the moment has come for you to be
Gored by the beasts that you hid
By closing your eyes.

The moon is full
You see its shadows
You've been deceived

Now you know
No man alone
Can succeed.

The pain was never just a memory
Now you start to take the blame

These things left unresolved
Will end you once and for all
So take the star from the wine dark sea
It is what it is
And you'll be what you'll be.
Track Name: Ursa Minor/Coming Home
I saw Ursa Minor
Incandescent septentrion

Now I'm Coming Home
I am coming home
I am on my own
But I'm not alone

I'm an Ursa Minor
Rushing to my fading

Now I'm coming home
I am coming home
I am on my own
But I'm not alone
Track Name: Daedalus
We were lonely
and weary of change
Still you took the risk
and wounded your pride
Just to know my name

You could unravel me
With your smile
You despised all the lies
Of our age
And I felt the same

Holding two names
You became a father
And the son of a Neptunian Hero
Who could only save himself

I tried to give you the freedom
I craved
But all that I gave was proof that
I needed saved
But you knew that anyway

Time has passed and I've felt that
Teenage pain subside
And I got the feeling that
I left you behind
But you chose your own way

Feeling so brave
You became an author
And characters of your own designs
But you were just a child
And I
I was weaker
I was younger